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24 4 oz. Epoxy Sticks - 1 Case

24 4 oz. Epoxy Sticks - 1 Case
24 4 oz. Epoxy Sticks - 1 Case
24 4 oz. Epoxy Sticks - 1 Case
24 4 oz. Epoxy Sticks - 1 Case
24 4 oz. Epoxy Sticks - 1 Case
1 Case (24-4oz. tubes)
Hardens Like Steel in 20 Minutes
Fix-it Quick will plug or seal practically anything that leaks, it will patch holes and cracks, mend almost anything
that is broken. It is excellent for rebuilding or fabricating parts and as an all purpose adhesive for metals, wood,
glass, masonry, ceramics and many plastics. Also, it can be drilled, tapped, filed, sanded and painted like
metal. Sets steel hard in 20 minutes.

Hints For Use
FixitQuickadheres to most surfaces. Best results will be achieved if area isfirst roughened by sanding or filing to clean and prepare surface.
Starts to harden 2 minutes after mixing. Repairshould be in place before hardening starts.
A smooth finish can be obtained by rubbing with wet
finger or damp cloth before hardening begins.
FixitQuick can be drilled, filed, tapped sanded and
machined after one hour of curing (hardening).
Can be painted immediately, even before full
FixitQuick can be used under water. Mix as usual
and use the polyethylene wrapper, so material will
not stick to hands as the FixitQuik is being forced
onto the wet surface.
Not recommended for use on polyethylene and
Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after
using FixitQuik.

Infinite Uses
U.S.D.A. Authorized
Plumbing Repairs - Sink traps,
oil and water tanks, pipe joints, drain
leaks, etc.
Electrical - Use in place of tape,
ceramic connectors, knobs, etc.
Ceramic Repair - Cracked porcelain
wall tile, floor tile, etc.
Auto Repair - Metal Strips, small
dent repairing, fuel tank, radiators,
Underwater Repair - Concrete
swimming pools, fish tanks, etc.
Custom Formed Gaskets - For
permanent sealing and bonding.
Home Repairs - Dethreaded
screws in wood or metal, picture
hanging, light fixture installation,
fixing loose rungs and legs on
furniture, air duct leaks, etc.
Safe for lines carrying potable water.